5 Minute Retirement Quizzes

5 Minute Retirement Quizzes

If you haven't started your retirement planning, these quizzes are a great start! If you have started, these quizzes can also help make sure you're on track to the retirement that you deserve!

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Your Money Your Retirement

Your Money Your Retirement

In this FREE book, Linda Gardner helps you discover choices you may have and potential strategies that could help guide you confidently through your retirement.

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Retirement Tax Bill

Retirement Tax Bill

If you've saved for retirement in an IRA, 401(k) or other tax-deferred vehicle, you have a tax bill due in retirement. Use this FREE tool to find out the tax burden in your savings in seconds!

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<h3>10 Tips to Empower Women Investors</h3><br data-mce-bogus="1">

10 Tips to Empower Women Investors

Statistics show that women are likely to live longer and are more likely to be single later in life than men. Financial independence is also the #1 concern for many women. This guide contains a few key action items you can take now to help create financial confidence in your retirement years!

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<h3>Evaluating Your Blueprint for Life</h3><br/>

Evaluating Your Blueprint for Life

A second opinion can bring so much value, whether it's a construction quote, doctors visit, or your retirement plan. Should you treat your life insurance and annuities similarly? This special report will help answer that question, as well as give you some key things to consider when it comes to your policies.

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<h3>Building Your Bridge to Retirement</h3><br/>

Building Your Bridge to Retirement

Have you started building a solid bridge to retirement? Don't build it on sand - make sure you have a solid foundation. Get your FREE guide today to help show you how!

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<h3>Mount Retirement</h3>

Mount Retirement

Picture saving for your retirement as climbing a mountain - Mount Retirement! When you retire, you've reached the summit! But now what? Free fall, or controlled descent? This guide will walk you through 4 key questions to consider when planning to begin your descent down Mount Retirement!

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<h3>Creating Income In Retirement</h3>

Creating Income In Retirement

Planning for retirement requires taking a serious look at future sources of income. Social Security and 401(k)/IRA distributions are one way, but there are other ways to create income!

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<h3>Designing Your Fiscal House</h3>

Designing Your Fiscal House

What should you consider if you were to design your own home? You'll need a blueprint or initial design, and you'll probably want some personal touches added. Your fiscal house is no different!

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<h3>What If You Need Long-Term Care?</h3>

What If You Need Long-Term Care?

What is long-term care? Do you think you will need it? If so, how long do you think you will need it? How much do you think it will cost you? How will you pay for it?

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<h3>ABC's of Fixed Index Annuities</h3><br data-mce-bogus="1">

ABC's of Fixed Index Annuities

Have you heard about fixed index annuities, but unsure what they are? Are they suitable for you? This guide helps you understand the advantages and costs of fixed index annuities, and how they compare to other annuities.

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<h3>IRA-To-IUL Conversion Strategy</h3><br/>

IRA-To-IUL Conversion Strategy

Roth conversions have been the popular way to move money from tax-deferred to tax-free for some time, but the IRA-to-IUL strategy is quickly becoming just as popular. Could it work for you?

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<h3>Tax Strategies</h3><br/>

Tax Strategies

With increased government spending and rising debt, taxes could become a huge threat! How can you use the right tax bucket to set you free of the looming tax problems?

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<h3>Your Retirement Income Planning Checklist</h3>

Your Retirement Income Planning Checklist

Have you started to plan for the retirement you want? If not, you don't want to plan for retirement on hope or a "what-if". This checklist is a great tool to get started, and will help get you moving on the right path to a more secure retirement!

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<h3>Planning for Healthcare</h3><br/>

Planning for Healthcare

We hope you'll never need it, but what if you need long-term care? Do you have a plan? Healthcare could be the one expense that makes or breaks your retirement. This guide will help walk you through important factors for planning for healthcare in retirement!

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<h3>Work Smarter, Not Harder</h3><br/>

Work Smarter, Not Harder

You're working more, earning more, and saving more to have enough in your retirement. But what if we tell you that by working smarter, not harder, you could maximize your retirement savings? If you think your money is working too hard, then download this report today - It's a must read!

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<h3>Outline Your Wishes With an Estate Plan</h3>

Outline Your Wishes With an Estate Plan

When people think of "estate planning", they usually think that it only applies if you have large sums of money. That's not true! A good estate plan not only takes into account your assets, but also can outline guardianship of minors or special needs children, disposition of real estate, and much more.

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<h3>Will Your Money Last as Long as You Do?</h3>

Will Your Money Last as Long as You Do?

Have you thought about the impact that a careful retirement income analysis can have on your future? If your plan doesn't take expenses like healthcare into account, there's a good chance that you might not have as much available money for your retirement as you think!

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<h3>Are You Paying Too Much Taxes in Retirement?</h3>

Are You Paying Too Much Taxes in Retirement?

Have you thought about the impact taxes could have on your retirement? Tax rates are bound to go up, and if you aren’t prepared, taxes could become your biggest expense in retirement.

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<h3>Do Your Homework and Get a Written Retirement Plan</h3>

Do Your Homework and Get a Written Retirement Plan

Gathering all the information needed to hammer out a solid plan for your future is tedious, but it will ease your mind. Here are eight questions to help.

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<h3>10-Step Layoff Survival Guide</h3><br/>

10-Step Layoff Survival Guide

Access this special guide that lays out some easy-to-follow steps that could show you more choices and flexibility than you thought you had if you're facing a sudden layoff or employment change near retirement.

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<h3>Creating Your Retirement Recipe</h3>

Creating Your Retirement Recipe

Planning for your retirement is like cooking a good meal. There are the go-to ingredients you use often, but are there fresh, new ingredients that could take your retirement to the next level?

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<h3>Riding Market Highs</h3><br data-mce-bogus="1">

Riding Market Highs

A long-term mentality is important when investing in the market, but if left unchecked, you could be subject to major volatility when the market drops. Are you prepared?

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<h3>Baby Boomer Women Have a Big Retirement Problem Ahead</h3>

Baby Boomer Women Have a Big Retirement Problem Ahead

A perfect storm of financial factors related to caregiving and careers has created a looming retirement crisis; especially for women.

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